French Cool Just Got Cooler
Le Prince Miiaou

Posted on July 01 2017

<b>French Cool Just Got Cooler</b><br> Le Prince Miiaou


In the 11th arr on Rue de Charonne, young Parisians sprawl out onto the street from the bar of 'Theatre La Loge' a venue which to the unknowing, would assume to be a typically small dingy Paris hang-out for the cool set. However, downstairs houses a surprisingly large blackened out room, with stage and tiered bench seating, providing a highly intimate atmosphere to launch the yet to be released new songs from 'Le Prince Miiaou'.

Maud-Elisa Mandeau is the talent behind the peculiar name that is Le Prince Miiaou, who is building a very loyal and strong fan base.



Following a highly acclaimed EP 'Triptyque d'Hiver' which includes the superbly crafted track 'Miss It', fans have been able to follow on social media, the building of her new recording studio at her rural home in Poitou-Charentes, which has added an eager anticipation for her forthcoming work.




Maud-Elisa, 33 yrs, has an endearing quirkyness to her unassuming personality, which belies her incredible talent as a song writer, musician and producer. Her first album Nécessité microscopique  was released in 2007, at that time an unknown artist, but it was her second album Safety First released in 2009, with notable tracks Football Team and Hawaiian Tree, which caught the attention of many and firmly put her on the map. 



Maud-Elisa epitomises everything that is understated and cool about the french indie music scene, she will probably never hit mainstream in the UK, because that's not how the music industry works, but if you want to discover a truly gifted artist take a listen to some of the work of Maud-Elisa Mandeau that is - Le Prince Miiaou.  



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2007: Nécessité microscopique

2009: Safety First

2011: Fill the Blanks with Your Own Emptiness

2014: Where is the Queen, Who is asking? I can not tell. She's gone. Gone where? Just gone.

2015  : Tripyque d'hiver



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