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Genevieve Frosch

Posted on October 20 2017

Genevieve Frosch



Genevieve Frosch is a professional chef, specialising in private dining, events, bespoke baking and recipes. Using flowers from her garden and collecting things all year around she produces beautiful  decorated cakes.


We asked Genevieve some questions.....


Whats your favourite cook book? 

'You’re all Invited' by Margot Henderson 


Whats the best advice you've ever been given?  

Sleep on it  


Favourite holiday destination?  

Formentera, Ibiza 

Guilty pleasure? 

Pippins Donuts from the farmers market in Stroud 

Has baking always been a passion of yours?  

Yes - since I was very small. I have memories of licking the spoon when I must have been about 4 years old 


What do you love most about making cakes? 

That it always makes people happy 


How do you decide what to have on your cakes for decoration? 

A mixture of requests and whats available in my garden or the surrounding area

In 5 words describe your cakes?  

Delicious. Colourful. Creative. Fresh. Beautiful 



What advice would you give someone wanting to bake professionally or just for fun?  

Follow the recipe and bake something new every week 

Simple or intricate? more or less?  

Simple flavours, more decoration 


If you could decorate a cake for the Queen what would you put on it? 

I would pick loads of flowers from her garden and make it look wild and magical 


What is your next step in your career?

I would like an open kitchen where people could come and drink coffee and chat to me while I am working 

Whats the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?  

That I am not English 

Can't live without?  


Favourite place to eat out?  

In Gloucestershire it has to be The Woolpack in Slad. The. Best! 


You can follow Genevieve on Instagram here:




You may like to use the recipe from Genevieve for a superb 'Winter Floral Chocolate Cake'



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